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Welcome to our Movement to beat Climate Change and Poverty. Watch the video to see what we are going to achieve and how you can join us.



Our unique, new, green Power Generation Technology

S-NET has designed BioPowerGen, a biomass- and waste-fed electricity generator that is highly efficient and cost-effective. It will be a super-competitive power generation solution. BioPowerGen will have a negative carbon footprint and produce no harmful emissions. 

We are targeting the off-grid cell tower networks of the world and their nearby communities, starting in Africa.

Our impact

For Africa by 2029 our targets are

Make cheap Power available

Cheaper power for 70.000 cell towers, serving 4.000.000 people with power in their homes

Create Sustainable Growth

Stimulating economic, social and environmental development around each tower.

140.000 people employed making green fuel

Reduce the effects of Climate Change

Eliminating 1,5 millions tonnes of CO2 emissions per year


S-NET is striving to make a difference that is BIG and IMPORTANT to the challenges of the age.

We are inspired by giving millions of poor people the tools to help themselves out of poverty and eliminate millions of tonnes of CO 2 currently produced by the burning of diesel. We bring life-changing benefits to our customers, especially people trapped in poverty by conflict or bad government. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is our contribution to the Campaign to Avert Climate Change.

We are daring and ambitious: we aim to have a positive impact of global significance. Achieving this requires S-NET to be highly profitable and cash-generative, while scaling exponentially across the globe. We expect to have revenues of € and profits of €250.000.000 by 2029. We can do it!

Together we create sustainable growth

You know that we are starting something big and meaningful to address the two great challenges of the age: climate change and poverty. Register below and invest early and you could qualify for our 50% Early Investment Bonus (see FAQ).


4 Stages of our Crowdinvesting Campaign

Pre-launch (ongoing)

Change the world for our kids: take action now! register for the Campaign’s exclusive Private Stage. Qualify for a 50% early investment bonus share allocation.

Private stage Crowdinvesting

Invest early to get a share of the bonus shares we’re offering and see your
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Public stage Crowdinvesting

Watch how we fly! Spread the message!

Success of campaign

We’ll get moving and accelerate towards commercial deployment

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a lot of information. Maybe we can resolve some requests here:

Our business will be to sell power to off-grid cell towers and to the nearby community in Africa and India. It will be a unique business model, in that we will buy fuel pellets made of locally sourced waste and biomass produced by the local community.
Our first objective is to take up an offer from Vodafone to host a trial of our first prototype in Africa and to observe the working of the community fuel supply approach. The next is to roll out a program of design, optimization, testing, production preparations and marketing leading to one or more pilots for network-scale projects over three years
Who is behind all this?

I’m Karl Venter, S-NET’s founder. I am South African born and bred but spent half my life in the UK.

I have happy memories of Africa and it is my natural home. I miss its beauty, wildness, diversity and the quality of the daylight and heavens in the dark.

I’m a Cambridge engineering Ph.D. Since the mid-1990’s I have been an agent of change in the infrastructure sector: From improving information management, regulation and performance in transport systems to power provision for off-grid cell towers.

What is so new and different about S-NET’s business and tech?

S-NET has been working for 3 years with the University of South Africa’s Chemical Engineering Department (UNISA) to develop a  small power generator that converts biomass and waste electricity surprisingly effectively.


The target customers are cell towers that demand between 1.2kW and 3kW of power and the local village. Cell towers are vital infrastructure and so have stringent requirements for quality and reliability of the power supply. In Africa, 50% of the network operating costs are related to power.


BioPowerGen’s is fuelled by pellets of biomass and waste produced by local people. BioPower Gen will be remotely monitored and controlled. The detailed information we gather will give us a detailed insight into the operation of the machine as well as the economy and environment of the village, which we can use to improve the technology and help local people.


BioPowerGen’s by-products are heat, water, fertiliser, synthetic paraffin wax and diesel, all useful and tradable goods.

What's the Customer Proposition?

BioPowerGen will reduce the total cost of power by more than 60% while reducing complexity and risks of operating in most cell towers in areas with poor infrastructure and weak institutions. This includes many countries in a broad swathe of regions, including Africa, Central and South America and South-East Asia.

BioPowerGen will be green, zero-carbon, very quiet, with no harmful emissions. BioPowerGen will spur local socio-economic development, with significant benefits to the local community, while operators enjoy increased reliability, lower costs and site security.

How does the 50% Early Investment bonus work?

Early Investor 50% Bonus Shares on investment in the Private Stage of the campaign.

    1. Registered Investors (Investor) will be ranked for the Bonus by the total investment of the Friends they introduce in the whole campaign. If no Friends invest, then ranking will continue by decreasing size of investment.
    2. Investor’s investment commitment must be made before 5pm CET on the last day of the Private Stage of the campaign. Bonus will be calculated on investment concluded.
    3. 50% Bonus will be awarded on first €60.000 of aggregate investment made in the Private Stage by investors ordered as 1) above. The maximum Bonus any investor may receive is €5.000 so that more have a chance of benefitting.
    4. Bonus will be calculated and credited as shares at the end of the campaign, the number of which will be the total monetary value of Bonus based on the share price offered in the Public Stage of the campaign. Half-shares may be issued if necessary. The decision will be final. The anonymised list of the Bonus allocation will be provided on demand.